If you haven't been to a wedding in a long time you might know this, but the days of weddings being inside a traditional wedding hall have been left behind with many couples moving their receptions to more of an outdoor setting. The outdoor setting has led to numerous problems in parts of the Hudson Valley.


Barn Weddings

Wedding receptions being held in area barns have become big business, so much so that many barns that were once unusable, have become a big money maker for local owners. According to many wedding websites, more and more couples are choosing barns weddings than ever before. The rise in barn wedding numbers started taking off around 2010 and hasn't slowed down, especially in the Hudson Valley.

Dutchess, Ulster, Orange, and Sullivan Counties have all become extremely popular for couples to say "I do". We've told you numerous times about some of the amazing wedding venues all across the Hudson Valley. Below we have listed some of the more popular wedding venues for every season but before you scroll down to see some of our favorites let us tell you about a problem that some residents have with an area barn wedding venue.

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Rustic Barn at Pleasantly Devine Stables

Located in Rock Tavern, the Rustic Barn at Pleasantly Devine Stables is one of the area's newest barn venues, and since they started hosting receptions residents that live nearby have begun to express their displeasure with the venue according to News 12. The barn, located at 97 Maple Ave in Rock Tavern has some nearby residents angry with the business being in their backyards.

One neighbor, Bill Walsh told News 12, "This was always a quiet, country road, and now on the weekends there are just loads of cars driving up and down the road." Walsh also said that one weekend a bus carrying wedding guests nearly ran them off the road while walking their dogs. The volume of cars, people, and music has led some longtime residents to sell or put their homes on the real estate market.

Breaking the Law?

Barn owner William Devine was recently issued four violations by the town of Montogomery ranging from allegedly operating without a site plan, not having a certificate of occupancy, and violating Montgomery’s zoning code. Most of those violations have since been cleared according to Town Supervisor Brian Maher but residents including Walsh claim that there’s a local law prohibiting commercial traffic on their road.

That law is what residents want to be enforced, which would then possibly lead to the barn being unable to host weddings. The town zoning board is currently exploring different options to try and resolve everyone's issues and is expected to make a decision in October.

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