Recently a new proposal has been put forward in Putnam County for the installation of a new battery storage facility.

This would not be the first time that a battery storage facility has been built in the Hudson Valley, just last year a battery storage facility was built in Warwick. You may read our original coverage of that Warwick facility below.

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Now the idea for these battery storage facilities is simple enough. These facilities have the ability to provide and deliver sustainable electricity to thousands of individuals in the area where they have been built.

Even with that in mind, locals in the Putnam County and Westchester area have some concerns with regards to the facility and where it would be constructed.

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What is Currently Known About Battery Storage Proposal?

According to multiple sources, the new facility was proposed by a company called East Point Energy. East Point Energy (EPE) is based out of Charlottesville, Virginia and they are seeking to build this newly proposed facility on a 94-acre piece of land located in Carmel.

EPE has experience with building facilities of this nature as they build multiple facilities like this one in the state of Texas.

Unsplash: Billy Freeman
Unsplash: Billy Freeman

The primary function of this 116-megawatt facility would be to store energy for tens of thousands during times of lower energy or 'off-peak' hours and then during the peak hours when more energy is needed, the facility can then distribute that energy.

Theoretically, this would also aid in preventing blackouts according to News 12: The Bronx.

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Local Battery Facility Concerns

Now while the plan would be for the battery facility to be in Carmel, it is citizens from Westchester County that are voicing concerns regarding the facility. The physical location of the parcel of land picked out for the facility is in the middle of a wooded area and a number of civilian homes from the Town of Somers are close to the area.

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In this situation, citizens' concerns are being taken very seriously and with good reason and skepticism. The skepticism in part can logically be attributed to the fact that the battery storage facility in Warwick last year caught fire shortly after the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the facility.

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The Warwick battery storage facility was opened in May of 2023 and the following month, the facility caught fire. WPDH also actively reported on that fire and its subsequent investigation. You may read our coverage of the event below. In addition, locals also expressed concerns about other environmental issues that could potentially be impacted by new facilities creation.

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The uproar created by this proposed facility has been heard by both local officials and East Point Energy.

In order to quell the concerns of locals, reports state that EPE will be holding a virtual webinar, where residents can pose their questions about the facility.

Westchester County Executive George Latimar spoke recently about community concerns with the facility, where he stated in part...

It’s crucial to me that any potential risks to our communities are thoroughly addressed. We trust that the town (of Carmel) will address this matter in its land use deliberations, and we eagerly anticipate participating in the process by providing further comments as it progresses.

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The virtual webinar hosted by East Point is scheduled to take place on May 2, 2024. To their credit, EPE appears to be understanding of the concerns of community members to which they themselves emphasized that "safety is top priority..." in any communities where these facilities are or would be located.

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