Attendance on the Walkway Over the Hudson was down this year, but that could all change thanks to some innovative ideas.

This week the Governor announced record-setting attendance at state parks across New York in 2018. While a whopping 74 million people flocked to parks and historic sites last year, the Journal News is reporting that attendance at our own Walkway Over the Hudson was down by six percent. It's not clear why there was a downturn in visitors, but the very wet and rainy Fall we experienced may be a big part of it.

Attendance on the Walkway Over the Hudson was down this year... Luckily, I'm an expert in promotions and marketing that can bring a crowd.

The Walkway Over the Hudson will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, which is a perfect time for the park to reinvent itself. So why not introduce some new and exciting features that will really boost attendance?

Luckily, I'm an expert in promotions and marketing that can bring a crowd to even the lamest events and attractions. Got a boring sale at your local shoe store? I'll just swoop in with some face painting and a petting zoo and boom; you've got yourself a crowd of thousands.

So here are just a few of my humble suggestions for the Walkway Over the Hudson. By the way, these ideas are all on the house. You're welcome.

Alcohol Sales

Every major tourist attraction has found out that alcohol sales equal happy visitors. Even Walt Disney World has embraced selling booze at all of there theme parks, so why not the Walkway Over the Hudson?  I propose setting up a bar right in the center of the Walkway. What better way to encourage people to walk all the way out to the middle of the bridge? Even the laziest visitor would be willing to go a few hundred extra feet further if they knew a cold beer was waiting for them.

But what about those non-walkers? People who refuse to walk long distances, even for a refreshing daiquiri on a hot summer day are an untapped demographic for the Walkway. That's why I also propose beer bikes.

Beer Bikes

You may have seen these fun pedal-powered bars in cities like Nashville, New Orleans and Amsterdam. A dozen people belly up at a mobile bar and slowly peddle while enjoying a fine adult beverage. The bar travels as you drink, making this a unique and fun way to get around. Imagine relaxing at the bar while the beautiful views of the Hudson River slowly roll by. I don't know about you, but that sounds like an incredible afternoon to me.

Bungee Jumping

I'm sure I'm not the first thrill seeker to see the Walkway Over the Hudson and think how radical it would be to hop over the edge attached to a giant rubber band. Just think of the adrenaline junkies that would flock to the bridge if they could have an opportunity of taking a bungee jump over the edge. Other bridges around the world offer similar experiences, so why not the Walkway?


If a bungee jump isn't your cup of tea, how about strapping in for the world's most intense zipline from the Walkway all the way to the Mid Hudson Bridge? Can you imagine how thrilling it would be to zoom over the Hudson River like that? I mean, these ideas are just writing themselves.

Nude Sunbathing

If there's one thing Poughkeepsie is missing it's a proper nude beach. People who want to enjoy the nice weather au naturale have to travel all the way to Minnewaska for the closest clothing-optional recreational area. Some may argue that this could prohibit families from visiting the Walkway, so that's why I propose designated special "nude bathing days." The Walkway shuts down for special ticketed events like star gazing and fireworks viewing, so why not one day a month when people can let it all hang out while enjoying the park? Visitors should be warned, however, that the surface of that walkway can get very hot, so bringing a blanket would be a must.

Now, I'm not saying that all of these ideas a home runs. In fact, it's possible that they're completely ridiculous and unnecessary. Some may even say that the Walkway Over the Hudson is our area's crown jewel that doesn't need any improvements at all. Hopefully you guys are correct and the upcoming 10th anniversary of the Walkway will mark the busiest year ever for the state park.

But I still think it would be pretty awesome to ride on one of those beer bikes.

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