Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic many of us are now home a lot more than usual. Curiously, all of that companionship may actually be driving your pets nuts.

There's a strange phenomenon going on, and I'm not the only one noticing it. Certain pet owners are reporting crazy behavior from their four-legged friends now that they are constantly surrounded by people.

We all know that dogs crave attention, so they're simply loving the quarantine. Unaware of the reason why their masters are now at home all day, pooches are soaking in the attention and thriving while being in isolation with their owners.

Cats, on the other hand, are just not having it.

Many cat owners are starting to report some strange behavior from their animals. One month into the quarantine, usually well-behaved cats are suddenly becoming fuzzy little terrors.

Personally, I can confirm that one of my cats has completely lost his mind. Usually a high-energy cat, our youngest always gets himself into trouble. But recently his behavior has been out of bounds, even for him. Whether it's jumping up on the counters, doing flips in the hallway or literally climbing the drapes (yep), our little guy is simply going nuts. While he has plenty of places to go to be alone, now that there's someone in the house 24-7 our cat just can't seem to handle the attention.

There's one of two things going on with our rambunctious cat. Either we're making him nuts or he's just sick of being on his best behavior waiting for us to leave the house to get into trouble. I'm leaning towards the latter since objects have always seemed to mysteriously disappear from counters and high places although we've never seen the cats jump up there before.

Either way, I'm certainly not alone in noticing my cats misbehaving more than usual. My cohost, Robyn, has reported some insane feline activity in her house as well. Since spending more time at home she's been walking in on her cats climbing on things they're not supposed to be on.

Tammy in Redhook called up this morning to report that her two cats, Sweet Pea and Minnie, are also displaying strange behavior. She's caught them jumping up on counters and misbehaving in ways she's never seen before. However, Tammy believes, like me and Robyn, that her cats have always explored forbidden places in her home, but she was simply just never around to witness it.

Have you noticed any strange cat behavior in your home? You can take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. You can let us know about the crazy feline hijinks happening in your house on our Facebook page.

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