Are they serious? The popularity of peoples' given names change over the years, as they often mirror events and the pop culture of their time. It's never been uncommon to see parents naming their kids after celebrity singers or movie stars. But sometimes these names can leave you scratching your head. Buzzfeed recently put together a list using an online resource of over 70,000 names called Nameberry. This shows what names people around the area, and the world, are searching for. And if this is any indication, then we sure do live in some strange times here in 2021.

According to these statistics, these are most popular baby names across the United States in 2021. For girls:

  1. Luna
  2. Maeve
  3. Aurora
  4. Isla
  5. Aurelia

And for boys:

  1. Silas
  2. Atticus
  3. Arlo
  4. Theodore
  5. Finn

Can this be accurate? How many parents who named their boy Atticus have you actually met? Is it 2021, or 1921 again? Of course, this only reflects the findings of one online source, and may not necessarily apply to all areas of the country. We have any Islas crawling around here in the Hudson Valley?

At least no one around here has named their kid Twifa? In late 2020, NPR reported that a couple from Switzerland answered an advertisement that said that they could get free internet for the next 18 years if they named their next child after the service. The company is called Twifi, an internet provider out of Switzerland. What were the names the company had chosen? Twifus for a boy and Twifia for a girl. The baby was born a girl. Twifia it is then. Fox says that the parents decided to have Twifia be their daughter's middle name instead. Guess they still get the free internet, and their daughter doesn't have to live a life full of ridicule from her peers.

Weird names get attention. They can make you laugh even. But while you have the right to name your kid anything you want, purposely naming your child something so unorthodox to either be different or draw attention can set the kid up for a lot of rejection and bullying later on.

In late 2018, a young girl flying on a Southwest Ailrines flight was mocked by the plane's staff because of her odd first name. Her name is Abcd. We're still not completely certain how to pronounce that, but we think it's sounds like Ab-city? You may think it's a very unusual name, but the astonishing fact is that according to a 2014 article in Vocativ, there are at least 328 different people with the name Abcde in the United States alone. Ugh.

Well, least they're not naming their kids after COVID, right? Wait, they are.

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