You may have heard about the controversy involving Southwest Airlines having to apologize to a Texas woman after employees allegedly mocked her daughter's unusual name.

ABC says the incident happened in early November when Traci Redford and her daughter Abcde were boarding a flight from Santa Ana, CA to El Paso. The mother then says she heard Southwest employees laughing and mocking her five year-old daughter's name.

While laughing at a kid that young isn't nice at all, we have to admit it is a bit of a curious name. How to do you even say Abcde? According to her mother, it's pronounced like Ab-city. You may think it's a different name, but the astonishing fact is that according to a 2014 article in Vocativ, there are at least 328 different people with the name Abcde in the United States alone. 

So much for names like John or Jennifer.

So what's the oddest name first you've ever heard for someone? Those from the Woodstock generation may have some good ones. Look at Frank Zappa's kids. Celebrities are also notorious for naming their kids odd names.

Sometimes it's not just the name itself but the pronunciation.

Then there's the sports world. Who could forget former New York Jet D'Brickashaw Ferguson?

What are you thoughts? Is naming kids names like Abcde or Blue Ivy make them unique and fun, or are the parents potentially subjecting their kids to years of torment?

Comedy Central's Key and Peele poked fun at many professional athletes' names (particularly those in the N.F.L.), with their East-West Bowl parody.