There are so many streaming services out there now that it is not only hard to keep up, but to be able to afford it all. Add that with all the other expenses you have to deal with, and your bills can get pretty steep. One couple had quite a plan to gain free WiFi for the next 18 years. It's not what you'd expect.

NPR is reporting that a couple from Switzerland answered an advertisement that said that they could get free internet for the next 18 years if they named their next child after the service. The company is called Twifi, an internet provider out of Switzerland. This sounds like a pretty sweet deal at first, but what would your kids think of this as they're growing up? Would you want some weird name?

What were the names the company had chosen? Twifus for a boy and Twifia for a girl. The baby was born a girl. Twifia it is then. Fox says that the parents decided to have Twifia be their daughter's middle name instead. Guess they still get the free internet, and their daughter doesn't have to live a life full of ridicule from her peers.

Weird names get attention. They can make you laugh even. But while you have the right to name your kid anything you want, purposely naming your child something so unorthodox to either be different or draw attention can set the kid up for a lot of rejection and bullying later on.

In late 2018, a young girl flying on a Southwest Ailrines flight was mocked by the plane's staff because of her odd first name. Her name is Abcd. We're still not completely certain how to pronounce that, but we think it's sounds like Ab-city? You may think it's a very unusual name, but the astonishing fact is that according to a 2014 article in Vocativ, there are at least 328 different people with the name Abcde in the United States alone. 

And how could you leave out this highly touted high school football star, who's committed to LSU; De’Coldest Toevadoit Crawford? This one is so strange, it's actually kind of awesome.

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