It appears that the uprising is upon us. For weeks a large number of aggressive wild turkeys have made life pretty miserable in the town of Toms River, New Jersey. Some witnesses have said there are over 60 of the gobbling thugs roaming the streets and causing mayhem.

News first broke about the turkeys terrorizing seniors at the Holiday City at Silverton community. The NY Post says the flock attacked people, and even broke through windows and blocked traffic.

Turkeys are known to be territorial this time of year, as the males squabble and fight amongst themselves to establish dominance. And while this is nothing new, some may say that the situation in Jersey has approached a crisis level. After repeated complaints to police and the DEP, residents are fed up with being targeted by the flock.

Former New York Yankee and Met Todd Frazier said the birds had made a mess of his property, and almost attacked his family. Frazier even reached out to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on Twitter.

Finally, after meeting with town residents, the DEP has a plan. They will lay out trails of corn to draw the wild birds to one spot. Once trapped the agency says they'll relocate the turkeys to another are where they won't cause any trouble.

Perhaps it's simply a rebellion. The birds don't want to end up on someone's dinner plate by the end of the month and are fighting back.

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