A simple parking lot calculation that anyone can do will help determine if you should leave and come back later.

On Monday morning Dutchess County Executive, Marc Molinaro, joined the Boris and Robyn Show for his weekly update on the county's COVID-19 response. It was an especially difficult week for Molinaro, who lost his father to coronavirus on Friday.

The county executive shared memories of his father, who Molinaro said is responsible for his love of the New York Mets. He added that he has seen just how devastating COVID-19 can be first hand and continued to stress the importance of social distancing.

In Dutchess County, the rate of hospitalizations has seemed to remain steady at around 100 people. Molinaro says that at this time just as many people are leaving the hospital as are being admitted, which is helping to manage resources. He warned, however, that people must continue to hunker down or risk overwhelming our hospitals.

Even when leaving your home for essential services, it's important to distance yourself as much as possible. Masks are encouraged for anyone who is out in public, and residents are being asked to avoid grocery stores that are too crowded. To that end, Molinaro shared a simple calculation that will help you decide whether you should head into a supermarket or not.

Molinaro suggested that if you can't park in the grocery store's lot without leaving a space between you and the other cars, it may be best to leave. If you can wait an extra day or can come back at a later time, the county executive urges you to do so.

The county executive says he knows it's been difficult, but asked everyone to continue what they're doing because it does seem to be working. While he wishes he could have been with his father in his final days, Molinaro says that he knows just how important social distancing is. "Stay strong for just a little while longer," he urged, "because we do believe that we are getting close to that apex."

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