A truck driver, making a delivery from Pennsylvania, suffered serious burns after hitting a bridge in New York state. Officials say the collision caused an explosion that sent flames as high as 200 feet into the air Thursday evening.

WNYT says the crash happened in Glenville, NY, though the bridge that was hit isn't to be confused with another one in the same area, that has been the scene of numerous crashes through the years. 

Huge Explosion After Driver Hits Bridge in New York State 

WNYT says that a tractor-trailer hit the Maple Avenue bridge in Glenville late Thursday. The New York Post says that the 18-wheeler, which was "carrying some sort of compressed natural gas", hit a railroad bridge igniting a massive explosion.

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WNYT says the 60-year-old driver form Texas suffered 3rd degree burns to his hands and face, though he was able to walk himself to an ambulance. The truck driver was taken to Westchester Burn Unit, reports WNYT.

Glenville Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle told WNYT. “It’s by far the worst bridge hit by far.” However, Koetzle did go on to say that while the surrounding neighborhood was without power, there was not damage to any homes nearby.

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Another Bridge in the Hudson Valley is Still the State's Reigning Crash Champ

According to the Greenwich Time, the King Street bridge on the border of Rye Brook, NY and Greenwich, CT., where the Hutch becomes the Merritt Parkway, has been struck more times than any other bride in the state of New York.

The Times said in 2019 that the bridge has been struck almost 150 times in just the past ten years.

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Steps have been taken in recent years to put more warnings on the face of the King Street bridge, and more signs on I-287 to warn trucks from getting on the Hutchinson Parkway.

However, according to data collected by the state Department of Transportation and the Thruway Authority, vehicles struck bridges in New York state at least 344 times in 2021.

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