White Claw is a popular alcoholic seltzer water, that was first introduced in 2016, and has since become on of the country's most consumed beverages. The spiked seltzer comes in a variety of different flavors, and even with higher alcohol content in some of their drinks.

A truck traveling in New York state, that was carrying White Claw, got stuck under a bridge, forcing crews to toss the drinks off the vehicle and on to the road.

No, it wasn't the other much-maligned New York bridge, where a bunch of trucks have recently gotten stuck under. Nor was it that other one in the lower Hudson Valley that gets often hit.

Another Truck in New York State Carrying White Claw Gets Stuck Under Bridge 

WHAM is reporting that a tractor-trailer hauling White Claw got stuck under a railroad underpass on St. Paul Street in Rochester Wednesday.  According to WHAM, crews had to take apart the truck "piece by piece" in order to free the vehicle from the bridge.

This also meant taking all the packs of White Claw aboard and getting it off the trailer.

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No word if the packs of hard seltzer were tossed away or somehow put to good use.

An almost identical incident happened in April 2022, when another tractor-trailer carrying the same brand hard seltzer hit a bridge in the same area.

WROC says that when the top of the tractor-trailer hit the bridge, dozens (or perhaps hundreds) of cans of White Claw were scattered about all over Central Avenue in Rochester, NY.

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