Will they ever learn? A bridge in New York State, that has been struck multiple times this past summer alone was hit yet again.

The latest crash comes despite efforts and funding from local officials to post low clearance signs, warning approaching motorists. However, with the New York State Department of Transportation even building a turnaround near the bridge for big trucks, the site continues to be a target for crashes.

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Some town officials have even estimated that the amount of crashes end up costing local taxpayers between $5,000 to $10,000 per year, according to CBS.

Same Bridge Hit Again? 

WNYT says the much-maligned Glenridge Road bridge in Glenville was hit again Sunday evening. The latest strike comes courtesy of another tractor-trailer that was too tall to fit under the bridge. The impact caused a portion of the truck to become "stuck to the bridge after the collision," while "other scraps could be seen scattered throughout the roadway." says WNYT.

But While the Glenridge Road Bridge Gets Hit a Lot, Another Bridge in the Hudson Valley is the State's Reigning Crash Champ

According to the Greenwich Time, the King Street bridge on the border of Rye Brook, NY and Greenwich, CT., where the Hutch becomes the Merritt Parkway, has been struck more times than any other bride in the state of New York.

The Times said in 2019 that the bridge has been struck almost 150 times in just the past ten years.

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Steps have been taken in recent years to put more warnings on the face of the King Street bridge, and more signs on I-287 to warn trucks from getting on the Hutchinson Parkway.

However, according to data collected by the state Department of Transportation and the Thruway Authority, vehicles struck bridges in New York state at least 344 times in 2021.

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