I was driving home yesterday and almost died thanks to an inconsiderate vehicle owner.

While getting on Route 9 near Marist College I was stopped behind a brand new Mercedes that was completely covered in snow and ice. There was a tiny spot on the back window that was cleared away, hardly enough to safely drive. I thought to myself how completely entitled this person must feel, not thinking about people who have to drive behind them. I quickly snapped a photo of the car before the light turned green to document this insanity.

After heading down Route 9 I found myself behind Elsa and her ice-queen-mobile as we drove towards the Mid Hudson Bridge. Then it happened; an enormous iceberg flew off of her roof and started hurtling towards my car. Luckily, there was no one in the left lane, so I quickly swerved out of the way to avoid it.

I was lucky enough not to get struck by this ice missile, which could have caused serious damage and injury. Sadly, there are many people every year who aren't as lucky.

If you're one of those people who doesn't even think about clearing the snow and ice from your car, hopefully, this video will cause you to consider the people who are traveling behind you. Just an extra minute with an ice scraper or snow brush could prevent a terrible disaster.

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