A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee caused a stir this week when he mingled with fans eating at a crowded Hudson Valley Italian restaurant.

It's not uncommon for celebrities to be spotted in and around the Hudson Valley. Last month, Dutchess County was buzzing after a 90s heartthrob was spotted at the local drive-in. Just this week, insanely funny comedian and actor, Nick Kroll, was recently posing with fans while dining out in Rhinebeck. Other big names who've been to the area include Steven Spielberg, Gerard Butler, and superstar Johnny Depp.

On Tuesday night, diners at Frank Guido's Little Italy did a double take when a Rock and Roll icon strolled through the door. Legendary guitarist, Carlos Santana, posed for photos and greeted excited fans before sitting down to eat dinner at the popular Kingston restaurant. This is the same establishment that Johnny Depp dined at last October during his visit to the Hudson Valley.

Billy Torreggiani
Billy Torreggiani

Carlos Santana entered Frank Guido's Little Italy looking exactly as you'd expect a rock and roll icon to look. The Hall of Fame inductee was wearing his signature hat, a denim jacket with snakeskin sleeves and matching snakeskin jeans. Underneath was a shirt with a photo of jazz icon, Miles Davis, on it.

While some celebrities shy away from interactions with the public, Santana appeared to enjoy the attention. Diners say he was taking pictures with everyone in the restaurant and taking time to talk to all of his fans.

Restaurant owner, Frank Guido, posted several photos of the guitarist posing with employees and customers.

This certainly isn't the first time a celebrity has dined at Little Italy. During Johnny Depp's visit to Kingston last year he was photographed at the restaurant while in town for the Jeff Beck show at UPAC. Santana was also performing at the Kingston venue this week, appearing at the Miles Davis tribute concert on Wednesday.

According to Guido, the "Smooth" guitarist enjoyed his meal so much that he vowed to return.

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