We all remember playing dodgeball in Phys Ed class when we were young. Both teams would line up then the rubber bouncy balls and attempt to eliminate the other team by either hitting them with the ball, or by catching one of their thrown balls before it hit the ground.

There were rules too so it wouldn't get too out of hand. No head shots. No shots to the groin.

Everyone loves dodgeball, right? Heck, they even made a movie about it. There's even a World Cup of dodgeball now.

Well, maybe not everyone looks at dodgeball so fondly. Now, a few professors are calling into question the game, claiming it is oppressive and dehumanizing.

The Independent reports that the study was put together by professors from three Canadian universities, who claim that the game teaches children oppression by subjecting weaker opponents.

The competition is about annihilating one’s opponent, and the true definition of competition is between two evenly matched teams. Well, kids stack their teams, and they really enjoy beating the other team. What’s the enjoyment of that?

The backlash is actually nothing new. Some schools have been banning dodgeball for a number of years. What do you think? Is simply a competitive sport that helps teach teamwork and about winning. Or is it time to reevaluate its place in our kids' schools?

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