If you're looking for a wholesome story about the spaghetti dinner at the local firehouse, then you might want to turn away now.

The NY Post is reporting that a potential serial pooper could be on the loose in one of Manhattan's most famous districts. The Post says that the bomber has potentially struck twice in the past month, both times targeting audition rooms. Some sources are claiming there could be more incidents, in multiple locations.

The first known incident was during the tryouts for the Magic Mike musical at Pearl Studios on Eighth Avenue February 26. The Post reports that the same thing happened again at the Ripley-Grier Studios on March 6. Coincidence? Some first hypothesized that someone may have accidenlty carried it on their shoe off the streets and into the studios.

Others point to the Actor's Equity Union, which pushes for theater goers to only attend union productions. Perhaps it was a non-union actor looking for some sort of retribution?

Anyhow many of the actors have taken to their social media pages to make light of the incident as they search for answers. As of now, all we can is that if you're attending a Broadway show, or maybe planing on auditioning for a performance...watch your step.

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