Residents in a Onondaga County town are not only shocked, but a bit disturbed at what's being left around a local neighborhood. reports that a number of dead animals, mainly rabbits and squirrels, have been left on top of a stop sign and in a resident's yard.

Of course the question is, who would do such a thing? Town of Cicero residents want answers. Cicero Police Sergeant James Meyers said:

We are looking at a couple different incidents. We just learned of these yesterday, although we were told it’s been happening for a couple of weeks.

One particular pic of a dead rabbit that was placed on top of a stop sign has circulated across social media. Another Cicero resident says that a car full of passengers threw a dead rabbit at some local kids. Some speculate that the suspect(s) could be young people as well, though there is no definitive evidence as of yet.

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