It's got to be frustrating dealing with subway delays, making the already grueling commute even more miserable. But the MTA says one of the rising causes for problems this year is something you might not expect. And no, it's not crazed crackheads dancing on the tracks we're talking about.

The NY Post reports that the number of raccoon-related delays on the train lines have more than doubled since 2018. And while various forms of wildlife getting in the way and delaying the trains isn't anything really new, the spike in incidents has some wondering if many of the animals are rabid.

The Post says a raccoon was spotted on the platform at Brooklyn’s Nevins Street station Wednesday night. There were also two incidents November 2 when both southbound and northbound trains were disrupted. Saturday night saw delays at the Broadway Junction station, due to raccoon interference.

Well, least it wasn't a snake. Or a rat? How about a duck? Maybe these New York City raccoons know these guys here in the Hudson Valley?

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