You'd think they'd be used to stuff like this on the subway?

A rather large rodent made quite an entry on a subway bound for Queens last week, says the NY Post. 

The video, uploaded to YouTube by a commuter who was on the train with his wife, shows people jumping up on their seats and screaming as the intruder scurries by. But of course, with it being New York and all, there were a few other subway riders who less impressed. They pay the rat little mind as it ran up and down the A train car, probably in search of food scarps scattered about the floor of the car.

The rat was never caught. ABC 7 says that the pesky rodent got off the train once the doors opened.

Rats on the subway aren't exactly a new thing. Obviously, it happens quite a lot, such as in this video that was taken back in 2011. Here you can see one particularly bold rat running right up a guys leg and on to his shoulder as he slept.