Motley Crue have released their first song since splitting with guitarist Mick Mars and the fan reaction about "Dogs of War" has been a bit of a mixed bag on social media.

The song delivers a mix of driving, aggressive riffs with moments of scaled back, moody verses with some defiant moments as Vince Neil belts, "Don't let the bastards get you down." Have a listen to the song first and make your own opinion before we dive into how fans are responding to the new Motley Crue track.

Motley Crue, "Dogs of War"

What Are People Saying About Motley Crue's New Song "Dogs of War"?

As stated previously, it's been a bit of a mixed bag online. There are some glowing reviews as well as others that seem avidly against what they've just heard. But there's also a healthy does of respondents that seem somewhere in the middle, not ready to condemn it but recognizing that it's not their best work either. So let's dig into some of the reviews.

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On the positive note, one fan noted, "Rock on, Crüe! Just caught the explosive vibes of your latest track - totally electrifying! Loving how you keep the spirit roaring with every riff. The wait was worth it. Here's to more heavy hits with Motley Crüe in 2024!"

Another added that the song was stuck in their head as they were taking their dogs for a morning walk, before adding, Not too many bands churn out great tunes for 43 years!"

And yet a third offered, "I listened to this song twice already on my way to work, this song FREAKING Rocks, I’m so happy right now you guys are my favorite band in the World and this is why."

If you're on board with the new song, it's available to download or stream right here.

Check out more of the Motley Crue love for "Dogs of War" below.

Down on "Dogs"?

While there is a lot of positive sentiment for having new Motley Crue music, there are also those who just down right hated what the band just released.

"This new Motley Crue single is not good," offered one person, while another added, "Yeah, some bands should stay retired. Absolutely terrible song." And yet a third felt it was "awful on so many levels," adding that it sounded "like a Generation Swine b-side." There were also a few fans that took exception to moving forward with John 5 over Mick Mars as well in delivering their reviews.

At War With One's Self Over "Dogs of War"

As previously mentioned, a good portion of the comments on the song seemed to fall in the middle of love and hate, recognizing that this was not perhaps their best work. Some even picked out the parts that worked and didn't within the song. Below is a sampling of the middling comments:

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