One Middletown man over the last few months has found himself in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons so to speak. Dating back to October of 2023, this particular individual has been arrested on multiple occasions for various thefts and following the events of last week, he has now learned his fate.

Timeline of Events

Back on October 20, 2023, this particular Middletown man identified as David Mead had his first of these most recent encounters with local law enforcement. According to the report from the Orange County District Attorney's Office, on that day, Mead broke a window at a bar in the Village of Montgomery looking for money.

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Later on that same day, Mead broke into a car in the town of Wawayanda stole credit cards and attempted to use them. A couple of days after that in the town of New Windsor, Mead broke into another car and stole tools from it. A day after that is when Mead broke into a yet another vehicle and stole a gym bag.

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It was on October 24, 2023 that Mead would be arrested and taken into custody. After arresting him, officers of the Town of Newburgh Police Department found and recovered the missing items from the New Windsor break-in.

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The following month in November of 2023 is when Mead found himself in a courtroom for his transgressions. While in court, Mead admitted to and plead guilty to the crimes of "...Burglary in the Third Degree and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property in the Fourth Degree...".

Sentencing Day

These events lead us to last week where Mr. Mead found himself back in court for his official sentencing. Upon being back in court, Mr. Mead was sentenced to serve an aggregate term of 3-6 years in prison for his crimes following his guilty plea.

For those unaware, an "aggregate term" means that if an an individual is set to serve prison time for multiple crimes, instead they can choose to lump the terms together to one term. This helps with things like parole eligibility.

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The press release concluded with a statement from Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler where he said...

It required the cooperative involvement of all of the police agencies in this case to ensure that the defendant was held to account for his string of crimes across Orange County....

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At the same time D.A .Hoovler reiterated his and his offices stance on "protection of innocent victims" and continue work with law enforcement to see justice in cases like these. Lastly D.A. Hoovler thanked all the police agencies involved in this case, which included the  Village of Montgomery Police Department, Town of New Windsor Police Department, Town of Newburgh Police Department and the New York State Police.

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