If you were in Midtown Kingston looking for World’s End Comics over the past few days, you might have been surprised that they’re not there. Never fear, World’s End Comics has not disappeared. They’ve moved to a brand new location. Midtown Kingston’s loss is Uptown Kingston’s gain. 

You can still go to your favorite comic book store, but now you have to go to their new location at 319 Wall Street in Uptown Kingston. And they’ve even expanded their hours. Now you can visit World’s End Comics Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from noon - 6PM, Saturday from 11AM - 6PM, and Sunday from noon - 4PM. And if you’ve never been to World’s End, why not check them out?

World’s End comics offers a wide variety of comics, graphic novels, games, and a curated selection of prose books. And if they don’t have what you’re looking for, they’ll be more than happy to special order it for you. If you love everything and anything having to do with comic and games, World’s End Comics is for you. Check out their website.

Once again, the new address for World’s End Comics is 319 Wall Street in Uptown Kingston. While you’re there, check out all that Uptown Kingston has to offer. It's a very cool historic part of the city with lots of cool shops and restaurants that make it a shopper’s ideal destination. And World’s End Comics is right next to Kingston Candy Bar, so if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’re all set. Comics, candy, games. What more could you ask for?

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