Town inspectors have permanently closed one of Dutchess County's most beloved roadside food destinations.

Cathy Shack on Route 52 in Fishkill has sold their last slice of cornbread. The food truck located in the Blue Seal parking lot has finally shut their doors after a standoff with town inspectors. According to the Cathy Shack Facebook page, inspectors found the food shack to be in violation of several town ordinances.

Cathy Shack has been a summertime staple in Fishkill for the past five years, selling chicken burritos, homemade food items and fresh produce. After a recent inspection, the Town of Fishkill found several violations that needed to be fixed for the business to continue.

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There was an immediate outpouring of support from the community, with words of encouragement and hope that the issues would be resolved. Unfortunately, Cathy Shack was unable to bring the food truck up to code, so it has been shuttered for the rest of the season.

There is a Go Fund Me planned to help raise money to relocate the business and make the necessary changes to comply with Fishkill building codes. The seasonal business hopes to reopen in the near future. Loyal customers can stay informed of any future developments on the Cathy Shack Facebook page.

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