Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Celsius Holdings, Inc. For those unaware, Celsius Holdings sell Celsius variety of energy drinks. The brand has become massively popular in recent years and sells many versions of their product including but not limited to Celsius Live Fit, Celsius Heat, Celsius BCAA+Energy and Celsius with Stevia and other products.

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Details of the Lawsuit Against Celsius

This recent lawsuit stems from what can only be described as a form of false advertisement. Celsius had proclaimed that their beverages "contained no preservatives," however within the ingredients list, one would be able to find "citric acid" as a component in their formula.

In their defense, the Celsius brand claimed that the citric acid as an ingredient was used for "flavoring" purposes and its inclusion was not as a preservative.

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Details of Celsius Lawsuit Settlement

It is worth noting that during the proceedings of this lawsuit, the Court did not rule in favor with the prosecution or the defense. The case itself also appears to be all but closed.

Celsius reached an agreement to a settlement where they will pay all individuals who place a claim will be eligible to receive compensation. A claim may be placed from now through February 13, 2023. If an individual were to place a claim in this settlement and they had proof of their purchase, they could up to $250. If one does not have proof of purchase, they would be eligible to receive up to $20.

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This settlement applies to Celsius products sold between January 1, 2015, and November 23, 2022.

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Pardon Me While I Rant

I'm not going to waste too much time here but full disclosure, I am a fan of Celsius products. I think they make great stuff and as an individual, this lawsuit or any ramifications of it will not make me stop buying their products when I choose to.

Make your own determinations and decisions for yourself, but this does absolutely nothing in terms of swaying me in any way. To me it appears that this is a case of someone playing the role of "Captain Literal" and for Celsius, it's become an expensive oversight or whatever you want to call it. I'm not going to be making a claim in this suit but I am thirsty; think I'll go buy Celsius "Sparkling Orange". Yes that's my favorite flavor.

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