It does the body good, but maybe not the road and everything around it? You may have seen some of those milk slogans out there that told you to "Drink It, Don't Ditch It.". Looks like this individual here chose to ignore that helpful advice. WHAM is reporting that thousands of gallons of milk were spilled after an accident in New York state midday Wednesday. Given the amount of milk lost, according to sources, there might be a bit of a shortage at some of the area grocery stores for a while.

WHAM says the huge dairy spillage was the result of a truck overturning in Genesee County. How much was lost? Genesee County Fire Coordinator Tim Yaeger says about 60,000 pounds of milk splattered over the road and into a nearby creek. If you want to equate that, 60K pounds is 30 tons. Well, that's really milking for all it's worth. The driver was said to be alert, and taken to the hospital.

While you're probably not expecting to encounter a river of milk on your way to work, it's random hazards like these that you have to be aware of. Closer to home, back in January a disabled tractor trailer spilled heavy dairy cream all over the southbound side of Route 9 during the morning rush. What about soda cans? And how about barrels of hay? A truck carrying hay struck an overpass on the New York State Thruway in early January 2021, which then spilled out all over the road causing very long delays. Hay, now. 

Talk about your day going to s**t. In this case, literary. In December 2018, a manure truck overturned and spilled four and a half thousand gallons of liquid manure into a nearby ditch in upstate New York. The crash happened in the Wyoming County town of Covington, in the western part of the state. Officials say that the driver had tried to turn on to a road when the truck flipped, causing about half of the truck's payload (lol) spilling all over the ground and in a ditch right off the main road.Yuck. The Daily News says HAZMAT crews were luckily able to stop most of the flow of s**t before it reached the nearby Pearl Creek.

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