What a way to start the week. If you happen to be traveling southbound on Route 9, just north of Spackenkill Road, you may have run into a bit of a delay. Eastern Dutchess Fire and Rescue posted on their Facebook page that police were requesting fire department assistance for a fluid spill clean up. Commenters on the Facebook group said that heavy cream had spilled on to the roadway. The spill came from a disabled tractor trailer, according to EDFR, though there weren't any immediate details how the truck became disabled.

This more than likely made an unexpectedly slippery commute for drivers, on a morning where there was no snow or ice predicted in the weather forecast. It is uncertain how long of a delay the spilled cream caused, as details are still a bit scarce. There is also no word yet from officials what company represented the tractor trailer. If you happen to have encountered the spill, let us know!

Debris on the roads can be a common occurrence that you have to watch out for, though you're usually not expecting heavy cream or even bales of hay. Hay? Yes, according to officials, a truck carrying hay struck an overpass on the New York State Thruway which then spilled out all over the road. The accident happened right after New Years. The Rockland Report posted the pics of the spill on their Facebook page, as the accident lead to heavy delays.

But then, we had this little incident on I-287 back in June 2016. NBC NY reported that day that a truck carrying deli meat collided with another truck carrying bread on the southbound side in Piscataway that morning. Luckily, the collision didn't result in any injuries, though the road must have resembled like one giant messy sandwich.

But that's still not as bad as this. In December 2018, a manure truck overturned and spilled four and a half thousand gallons of liquid manure into a nearby ditch. The crash happened in the Wyoming County town of Covington, in the western part of the state. Officials say that the driver had tried to turn on to a road when the truck flipped, causing about half of the truck's payload (lol) spilling all over the ground and in a ditch right off the main road.Yuck. The Daily News says HAZMAT crews were luckily able to stop most of the flow of s**t before it reached the nearby Pearl Creek.

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