I don’t know if this is a Baby Boomer thing, but when I was a little kid I remember hearing tales of little kids who wanted to run away and join the circus. I was not one of those kids, but it was such a common saying that they even made sitcom episodes around the subject.

I actually never knew even one kid that threatened to run away to join the circus, but most of my friends always loved going to the circus. The sights, smells, and sounds of the circus. And I know a few people that were inspired to learn to juggle, and others that wanted to be clowns. 

The circus has changed quite a bit since I was a kid. We’re kinder to animals these days, so it’s up to the performers to entertain us and make us gasp in wonder. And I imagine it’s not easy to be a circus performer. It’s both physically and mentally taxing, but every performer seems to adore what they do.

Does your kid love the circus? Have they shown an interest in learning some of the skills they see at the circus? If so, here’s something very cool. MyKingstonKids is bringing the Bindlestiff’s Cirkus To Kingston with a fascinating after school program at the YWCA of Kingston and Ulster County. Kids ages 7-14 are invited to join "Cirkus After School" where they will learn juggling with balls, clubs, rings, scarves, and odd objects, stilts, unicycle, wire walking, clowning and physical comedy.

Cirkus After School instructors are a diverse group of professionals who bring training in youth development, circus skills, restorative Circle-keeping, and social-emotional learning. You don’t have to join the circus to benefit from the classes. Youth will collaborate to create a public performance at MyKingstonKids Fest on Saturday May 21. Interested? Check out the YWCA of Kingston and Ulster County website or the Bindlestiff’s Cirkus website.

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