The New York Assembly has passed a bill that will affect bars, wineries, distilleries, and breweries across the state. reports that the Assembly in New York has passed a bill to raise the legal age to serve alcohol and handle open containers from 18 to 21. New York is 1 of 30 plus states that allow people under 21 to serve alcohol.

The bill was passed last month by the New York State Assembly. According to the article, if Governor Andrew Cuomo signs the bill it will become law. It would take effect 30 days after becoming law.

Not only would this bill change the bartending age, but it would also limit the sample and tasting sizes at wineries, breweries, and distilleries. reports that no more than five 5-ounce samples of beer, six 3-ounce samples of wine, five 5-ounce samples of hard cider or three 0.25-ounce samples of liquor are allowed to be served to the same person. They also cannot try the same drink twice. For example, of the five 5-ounce. beer samples, they must all be different. It also makes it illegal for a winery to serve the same person twice in the same day.

This law would have a major impact on not only the businesses but the employees as well. Many college students, or people fresh out of high school, get a job bartending. According to the article, businesses and employees alike are not happy with the bill.

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