Talk about irony. A 30 year-old woman from the Bronx is reportedly suing an Upper East Side bar after suffering serious injuries that later required surgery. Her lawyer says the issue was a poorly lit stairway, where the woman fell that particular night.

The bar's name? The Stumble Inn.

The NY Post says the incident happened October 2018, when the woman met a friend for a drink. As they were about the leave, the woman was going to stop in the bathroom. It was at this point, she told the Post, that she fell down the flight of stairs.

Between the second and third step, I just fell down the stairs. I didn’t have heels on. just like … boot[s].

The Post says the injuries only got worse over time, later leading to spinal surgery in April 2019. The suit was filed Monday in Bronx Supreme Court. The suit claims the bar allowed the stairs to remain..."in its dangerous, defective, hazardous, unsafe, uneven, broken, worn, poorly maintained, dilapidated, inadequately illuminated and/or excessively slippery condition(s) … and carelessly failed to fix or remedy’’ 

The woman does admit that the nature of the suit given the bar's name has made a few chuckle. Needless to say, her attorney says they will seek an “a significant amount because of her injury.’’.

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