A City Council Speaker suffered an embarrassing mishap Tuesday.

Corey Johnson, who had previously raised concerns over e-scooters, reportedly face planted right off one, on to the street, while on vacation in Mexico City. Both Johnson and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio have said the scooters present potential safety issues, and are not personal fans of them

Motorized scooters were banned in New York in 2004, though de Blasio lifted the ban in late 2018. 

In many cities, e-scooters are not street legal, as they can not be titled, or insured. nor meet certain safety standards.Because of their small size, the scooters poise an accident risk as even a small bump can bring one down.

Some law enforcement uses the scooters for patrolling. Now, ride sharing systems use apps that allow customers to use the scooters by the minute. They tend to be more popular in urban areas, and can be used instead of bicycling or walking. 

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