As winter hits the Hudson Valley, there is one Ulster County Village that is looking to put a fun name on each of its snow removal vehicles.

Winters across the Hudson Valley can be challenging, especially when it comes to driving in the snow and slush. It's a good thing that most of our towns have an amazing Department of Transportation staff (DOT) that are tremendous at their jobs, but behind every great employee that's in charge of snow removal is most times a great vehicle.

Those vehicles are part of a well-oiled machine in most towns but do any of those snow removal vehicles have names?

Village of New Paltz
Village of New Paltz

New Paltz Name a Snow Plow Contest

That's a question the Village of New Paltz is ready to answer with a big YES as they have recently announced that they are now accepting submissions to name each of their snow plows according to the village's website.

"It’s clear we live amongst many creatives who enjoy wordplay so we felt it made sense to try to harness some of that spirit by hosting our own truck naming contest."

The village is attempting to attach a name to their fleet of nine snow plow vehicles they use each winter and are asking anyone with a suggestion to submit it to them by Friday, December 31, 2022, by 11:59 p.m. Submissions are limited to no more than 30 characters (including letters and spaces) and can be submitted by email:

New Paltz got its inspiration for this fun lighthearted contest from the DOT in the state of Minnesota which has done similar contests over the years.

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Fun Snow Plow Names

If you are looking for inspiration to name a New Paltz truck, here are some of the previous winners in Minnesota:

Betty Whiteout, Ctrl Salt Delete, The Big Leplowski, Plowasaurus Rex, Scoop Dogg, Blizzard of Oz, No More Mr. Ice Guy, Edward Blizzardhands, Plowy McPlowFace, "Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya", Duck Duck Orange Truck, Plow Bunyan, Snowbi Wan Kenobi, F. Salt Fitzgerald, Darth Blader, The Truck Formerly Known As Plow.

Once New Paltz selects the winning names we will update this article. Here are the 9 trucks New Paltz hopes to name...

New Paltz Name a Snow Plow Contest

9 snow removal trucks the Village of New Paltz is looking to name.

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