The Super Bowl is this weekend, which means it's a quiet one at the box office. Still, if you want to go see something, Meat Sandwich is here to guide you with Meat at the Movies!

First up, there's The Space Between Us, a new young adult science fiction movie about a boy born on Mars who falls in love with a girl on Earth. It's Romeo and Juliet in space, basically. It's got a pretty good cast which includes Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino, but it's getting terrible reviews. Probably best to pass on this one.

Then there's The Comedian, which stars Robert De Niro as an aging and down-on-his-luck comedian. The movie also stars Danny DeVito, Leslie Mann, and Edie Falco, and looks to be more of a drama than it is a comedy. This one is also getting pretty bad reviews, and looks to be another in a string of duds starring De Niro in the lead role. He's one of our best actors, but he keeps taking weak projects that don't showcase his talent.

Finally, we've got Rings, the third entry in The Ring franchise, a series of films that hasn't made a movie since The Ring 2 in 2005. This is a long-delayed sequel that very few people seemed to be asking for. The first movie was an instant phenomenon, but does anyone care about where the series went from there? I'm guessing not, and early reviews of Rings have not been kind either. What's even weirder is that Gore Verbinski, the director of the original film, actually has a new horror movie coming out in a couple of weeks called A Cure For Wellness. If you really need your fix, you're probably better off waiting for that.

So it's a bad weekend for new releases, but next weekend looks much more promising and has a little something for everybody, with John Wick: Chapter 2The Lego Batman Movie, and Fifty Shades Darker all on the horizon. And until next time, we'll Meat at the Movies.