A Hudson Valley man says that items left out for his garage sale were stolen before he had a chance to sell them.

Tom Jones of Wappingers Falls posted photos of the alleged thief on the Dutchess County Yard Sale Facebook group. Jones says the items were left outside near his garage in preparation for the next morning's yard sale. But before the sale even started someone walked away with armloads of Jones' household items.

The Channingville Road resident in says cameras caught someone gathering items from his driveway at about 4am. After clearing out his garage and storage unit, Jones says he was preparing for a "rather large yard sale." Items that were taken include 2 vacuums, a toaster oven, hot plate, a set of pots and pans, clothes, shoes and toys. The victim admits there may be even more items that he hasn't realized was stolen.

Facebook.com/Tom Jones
Facebook.com/Tom Jones

After reviewing the security footage Jones says the person in the video "spent about 15 minutes running around (the) yard caring arms full of stuff." The homeowner says the person dumped out a large tote then filled it up with items. The alleged thief also had a suitcase and a duffel bag that they used to take off with other yard sale finds.

According to Jones, the person drove away on Channingville Road heading toward Sheaf Road in Wappingers.

It's unclear if a police report has been filed about the incident, but if you have any information about the person shown in the security footage above, please contact your local authorities.