Police are on the lookout for a hungry suspect, who they say robbed a KFC early Sunday morning.

Crime Rates in New York 

Unfortunately, crime has been on the rise since 2020 and officials in New York blame a number of factors - from COVID, to bail reform laws. According to the NYPD, while the number of murders were down last year, crime statistics still rose in six other categories in 2022. The NYPD says there were 15,731 burglaries in New York in 2022, and that is not even taking the ret of the state into account.

Police in New York Say Man Stole Bag of KFC Chicken 

Police say this particular burglary suspect broke the front gate to get into a KFC in Concourse early Sunday, around 2:30 AM. The NYPD says the suspected chicken thief made off with $2,400 from the location's cash register. Police also say the suspect stole a bag of chicken in case he got hungry while running away from the authorities.

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Police told PIX that this clucking criminal mastermind was last seen wearing a black winter hat, a black jacket, a black t-shirt, black pants, and black and white sneakers.

There are 163 KFC locations in the state of New York, according to Stacker, which compiled a list of the most common fast food chains in New York using data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech.

Man Wants His Breakfast at Mickey D's

Back in September 2021, a New York state man broke into a McDonald's early morning and made off with food and other stolen property. Looks like another real life Hamburglar on the loose here. Now, the suspect is being charged with charged with grand larceny, burglary, and criminal mischief, according to sources. 

The Saratoga County Sheriffs Office says the Ballston Spa man broke into the McDonald's in the early morning hours. Police didn't specify a motive for the alleged break-in, though we can assume he wanted a late night snack and the place just wasn't open at that point. there was also no specification exactly what food or ingredients the man allegedly stole.

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