KonTiki Trading Post is set to close and its contents are for sale on Craigslist.

KonTiki Trading Post has been a labor of love for owner MaryAnn Tozzi, who has lived i New Paltz her whole life. "I love that new paltz was such an amazing place to grow up. I have nothing but love and respect for the Montesa's who owned the store for the 30 years prior to me taking it over. She took over the business in 2019 with a business partner and they parted ways over creative differences in 2021. Tozzi says she always wanted a "small LOCAL store" ... for locals run by locals. "This store was truly my heart and soul. The covid shutdowns are really what started the downfall. Not being able to make the income wiped out all the store savings and the shoppers just never came back in the pre covid numbers."

She credits the SUNY students for providing the majority of sales. "The truth is-- I of course wanted to make a living at this but sincerely more importantly my goal was to have a community spot. For artists to display work ... for students looking for a motherly feeling while away from home." Her plan now is to sell as much as she can until the end of July, when she tells us a tea shop will be moving in.

Going Out of Business Sale on Craigslist

A posting on Craigslist reads. Going Out of Business

Contents of Retail Store - $12,345 (New Paltz)

KonTiki Trading Post is closing their doors. Entire contests of store for sale. Make an offer on 1 thing or everything. Must go ASAP
attachment-KonTiki Craigslist

Sad to see another popular area business close its doors in what seems to be a very difficult climate to run a small business. We wish MaryAnn Tozzi all the best with her future endeavors.

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