It seems like every day there's a new, incredibly odd story that comes out of Saugerties. Is there something in the water or is the town just getting a bad rap?

As a morning radio host I'm always combing through the news for strange stories. Usually, if the headline starts with "Florida Man..." you know it's usually followed by comedy gold like "...punches out alligator while drunk on cough syrup" or "runs through Disney World naked while playing the banjo."

Lately, however, it seems like our own Village of Saugerties has been giving the state of Florida a run for its money. What is it about Saugerties that has made the residents go kind of crazy over the past year? Not that I'm complaining, mind you... our Saugerties neighbors have been making my job pretty easy as of late.

Update: The Mayor of Saugerties called up the Boris & Robyn show on Wednesday and may have shed some light on why his citizens seem so peculiar:

I've linked just small sampling of the more outrageous Saugerties stories we've covered below. Click through, read them for yourself and see if you don't think that Saugerties is a little off its rocker.

Police: Hudson Valley Man Steals Truck, Runs Over Pedestrian, Totals Two Cars, Crashes Into Store: Earlier this mont a Saugerties man led New Paltz police on a wild chase in a stolen truck.

Softball Mom Charged for Spitting and Biting at Game on Mother's Day: Police say a Saugerties mother was spitting at the coaches and wound up fighting with other parents during her daughter's softball game... on Mother's Day.

Police: Hudson Valley Man Arrested for Attacking Softball Umpire: In another softball incident, a Saugerties man allegedly punched and beat an umpire in the parking lot after disagreeing with his call.

Police: Saugerties Man Choked Pregnant Teen StepdaughterA
Saugerties man was arrested and charged for choking his 15-year old pregnant stepdaughter in their apartment this spring.

Gumby Stolen! A Saugerties couple appeared on an episode of the Colbert Report last year after their 7-foot Gumby statue was stolen from their yard. You can see the hilarious video here.

Police: Saugerties Man Arrested for 'Mowing While Intoxicated' Just this week a man was arrested after a Stop DWI patrol says they noticed him drunkenly driving his lawnmower down route 9W.

Car Plows Through Dunkin' Donuts: A woman claims her brakes stopped working, so after she backed up into a concrete barrier she threw the car in forward and drove right through the Dunkin' Donuts' front window.

100-Year-Old Woman Runs Over 84-Year-Old Man: And of course it happened right on Route 9W in Saugerties.

Despite these strange stories, Saugerties is still a great place to live. It's home to the famed Garlic Festival and the birthplace of funnyman Jimmy Fallon. Also, it's the location of Opus 40 and countless beautiful, historic homes.

So how can such a beautiful place be so crazy? If you can come up with a reason why weird things always seem to happen in Saugerties, I'd love to hear it.