If rising gas prices have you down, a Hudson Valley gas station is giving you a bit of relief.

While many people will blame politicians or world events for rising gas prices, this time of year the cause is pretty simple. With the spring weather comes the transition to summer blend fuel, which will raise prices for consumers as gas stations make the switch.

Back in 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency passed a law that required communities to switch their gas blend in the summer to avoid pollution. Starting June 1, gas stations are regulated by their fuel's Reid vapor pressure, which measures how quickly that gas will evaporate into the air.

Gas that's specifically blended to adhere to these regulations during the summer is more expensive to produce, so those prices get passed along to the customer. Throw in some geopolitical issues and a rise in demand and you have yourself a steep increase in prices at the pump.

Poughkeepsie New York

Free Gas for Hudson Valley Drivers

Just in time to battle these high prices, one Poughkeepsie gas station will be handing out $500 in free gas this Friday. The Boris and Robyn Show on 101.5 WPDH will broadcast live from the Foam & Wash Shell Station on Route 9 across from the Poughkeepsie Galleria from 6am to 10am with your chance to walk away with "April Fuels".

Every Friday this month, the show has been traveling to different locations to give away free gas cards and enter listeners for a chance to win a $500 gas card. This Friday is the last event, and everyone who stops by during the four-hour show will get a free car wash (while supplies last) and enter to win $500 in free gas.

Which Hudson Valley Gas Stations Have the Best Gas?

If you're looking to put quality fuel in your tank, experts say that you need to have gas that's registered as "Top Tier." The Hudson Valley companies below all adhere to a higher quality standard that includes the use of important detergent gasoline additives. Tests have shown that fuel with these additives will greatly improve the performance of your vehicle and make it last longer. Being listed as a Top Tier fuel company isn't expensive or hard, so if a gas station isn't on the list below it may be unlikely that they are providing fuel with these important additives. Some convenience stores could either be using one of the Top Tier fuels below and rebranding them as their own or selling a discount untreated gas, but it's hard to know and may vary depending on the location.

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