A creepy clown trying to hand out free donuts in the Hudson Valley was stopped by police this morning.

In light of recent creepy clown sightings The Boris and Robyn Show attempted to heal the divide between residents of the Hudson Valley and the clown community. So producer Meat Sandwich was sent out on Route 9 in Hyde Park dressed as "Meatzo The Clown."

Meatzo's mission was too help repair the tainted reputation of creepy clowns by handing out free donuts and hugs to anyone who happened to drive by.

Here's what happened:

Of course, many people in the Hudson Valley are still nervous after recent creepy clown incidents, including a clown photographed with a rifle in Newburgh, a clown threatening the students of Poughkeepsie Middle School on Facebook and a reports of mysterious clown that locked down an Orange County school on Tuesday.

We hoped that this olive branch would make the residents of the Hudson Valley realize that clown are people too.

Well it didn't work.

After 30 minutes of handing out donuts someone freaked out and called the local police. While they appreciated what Meatzo The Clown was attempting to do, authorities advised him to pack up his donuts and go home.

It looks like we have a long way to go until creepy clowns are no longer unfairly profiled as brain-eating murderers.