Poughkeepsie Middle School received a specific threat regarding a clown early Tuesday. Now comes word a second Hudson Valley School went into lock down as a result of a clown related threat today.

Florida school district locked down S.S. Seward Institute after a clown was reportedly seen near the school. Superintendent Jan Jehring posted on the district's website that oofficials received information there was someone hanging out in a wooded area on Farries Avenue near the Orange County high school.

Village of Florida and Town of Warwick police investigated but found no credible threat and the school was eventually re-opened, reports NewYorkUpstate.com.  Authorities are taking these threats seriously and anyone found in violation could get in some serious trouble.

Police have been investigating reports of “creepy clowns” over the past few days across the Hudson Valley. There have been reports of a clown holding a rifle on a bridge, and there was even a local middle school that had to deal with a clown-related threat.

The Dutchess County Sheriff's Office just released some helpful information for anyone concerned about the creepy clowns. Authorities are finding most of the sightings to be hoaxes.