We reported last week that 168 people would lose their jobs due to plant closures. Now there are even more jobs being eliminated.

The New York State Department of Labor posted notice on their website last week that Fluor would be shutting down in May. The plant, located within IBM in Poughkeepsie, provided building maintenance, janitorial services, along with construction and design for IBM. All 85 of the plant's employees will be let go.

This plant closure, coupled with the closing of Jabil, a global manufacturing service company, means that 168 jobs would be cut from the region.

Now that number is climbing. Because Fluor is shutting down two additional operations will now also be closing. a WARN notice was posted for Plant Engineering Services of IBM stating that all 21 employees will be laid off on May 3.  The reason given for the layoffs was the closing of Fluor, the company with which they had a services contract with. The employees are not represented by a union.

An additional four construction project management jobs will also be lost, according to a notice by TRS Staffing Solutions, IBM. The reason given for these job cuts was also the closing of Fluor.

In total, 193 jobs will now be cut this spring.