Some parents are losing their minds as kids stare at a strange black hole on their screens for hours on end.

What is happening with kids today? That's the question many parents are asking as their kids have spent most of the three day weekend staring at a weird glowing hole on their TV screens.

The hole is part of a clever marketing strategy by the game designers behind Fortnite. The popular multi-player shoot-em-up game hosted a special event on Sunday at 2pm that for all intents and purposes completely blew up the game.

Gameplay suddenly stopped on Sunday as a large rocket ship in the middle of the virtual world's island launched into the sky, ripping a hole into the universe. The rift caused a chain reaction that sent a huge asteroid hurtling towards the island, blowing everything to pieces.

Since then the game's screen has been showing nothing but a small black hole with ominous music playing softly in the background. Many gamers sat around waiting to see what happened next, but for the next 12 hours, there has been nothing but that little black hole.

Fortnite's social media channels have all been shut down and its website has also been cleared, causing many to speculate that this is actually the end of the wildly popular video game. But in reality, the game is only going to get bigger. The downtime is allowing programmers to install a patch that will reportedly completely change the geography of the game, giving players an even bigger island to play on with completely new terrains and buildings.

Some may wonder whether shutting down the popular game in the middle of kids' three-day weekends is a smart move, but many assume that the new island will be up and running early Monday, giving kids the entire day to explore the new features and, hopefully, purchase the games new battle pass.

So if Hudson Valley parents were hoping that Fortnite was finally gone and their kids would finally spend the holiday weekend outdoors, don't count on it.

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