A Hudson Valley man has been arrested after being accused by police of grand theft golf cart.

Golf carts have become popular in the Hudson Valley for getting around both on and off the course. The battery-powered utility vehicles are commonly used by homeowners to move about their property, transport items and complete other chores. And while those carts you see on the golf cart can be pretty basic, souped-up versions of these electric vehicles can go for thousands of dollars.

On Tuesday, Ellenville Police arrested Etienne Dodge from Wawarsing after they said he swiped a golf cart from a local business in Accord. The 31-year-old Wawarsing man allegedly took the cart valued at $5,000 earlier in the month.

On November 5, state police responded to a complaint about the stolen and began an investigation into the incident. Police conducted "numerous" interviews and eventually located the golf cart last week at Lower Jennybrook Road in the town of Wawarsing. Further investigation by state troopers led the team to Etienne Dodge, who was eventually charged with Criminal Possession Stolen Property 3rd degree, which is a felony. He was issued an appearance ticket to return to the Town of Rochester Court in the beginning of December.

Earlier this month, a person in Carmel was injured after flipping their golf cart on its side. The Carmel Fire Department was able to lift the cart off of the victim using airbags. The bags were inflated, raising the vehicle just enough to safely remove the person trapped underneath. After being rescued from beneath the golf cart, the patient was transported by EMS to a local hospital.

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