A person was pinned under an overturned golf cart in the Hudson Valley this week.

Many Hudson Valley residents were busy taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this week, heading outdoors to take care of yard work or just enjoy the day. One person who took their golf cart out for a spin, however, wound up in a dangerous situation.

First responders were called to the scene of a golf cart accident on Tuesday afternoon. When first arriving on the scene, emergency workers were unable to locate the victim, so they conducted a search of the surrounding area. Eventually, they did come across an overturned golf cart that was damaged and sitting on its side.

Carmel Fire Dept.

The unidentified victim was found pinned under the vehicle. Carmel Fire Department personnel determined that both legs were trapped and they would need to extract the victim from underneath the golf cart.

After stabilizing the golf cart with wooden blocks, the golf cart was lifted off of the victim using airbags. The bags were inflated, raising the vehicle just enough to safely remove the person trapped underneath. After being rescued from beneath the golf cart, the patient was transported by EMS to a local hospital.

Carmel Fire Dept.

A Facebook post by the Carmel Fire Company thanked both the Carmel Police and Putnam County Sheriff's Deputies for assisting firefighters at the scene of the accident.

Golf carts cannot be registered by DMV in New York State, since they generally don't go above 20pmh. Low-speed vehicles are not allowed on public roads. The use of golf carts on private property, however, is perfectly legal. It's unclear whether the golf cart accident occurred on private property or not.

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