After a night of severe storms, damaging winds, and even tornadoes Thursday, is the Hudson Valley in for more wild weather? Possibly. Now, we have what's left of a major hurricane heading east. How much will the storm impact our area?

Hurricane Laura made landfall late Wednesday night as a destructive Category 4 storm, making it one of the strongest hurricanes to hit the Gulf of Mexico. Once inland, the remnants of Laura took a turn towards to the northeast. While not a hurricane anymore, what's left of the storm has still brought flooding, and tornadoes to the South.

The remnants should reach the area by Saturday, bringing a risk for severe storms to the Northeast. However, it looks like the greatest risk for severe weather will be more south towards New York City and New Jersey Saturday afternoon. The Hudson Valley will see a chance for scattered thunderstorms Saturday, with some of those storms possibly bringing heavy rainfall and hail. While there's always a chance for a scattered severe storm, this more than likely won't be like Thursday, as the area was placed under an enhanced risk for severe weather.

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