It may be hard to believe after Wednesday's beautiful afternoon, but the Storm Prediction Center has issued an "enhanced risk" for severe weather across the area for Thursday. An enhanced risk means that numerous severe storms are expected in the region, with some bringing large hail, wind damage, and even a tornado or two.

Hudson Valley Weather says the best chance for severe storms is between 12 and 6 P.M. Thursday afternoon. Temperatures are expected to climb into the 80s, as southwest winds will bring much higher humidity levels to the area. This, along with the heat from the morning sun, will destabilize the atmosphere, leading to an increased risk for widespread severe weather.

Hudson Valley Weather also adds that an enhanced risk is a category not seen too often in the Northeast, as severe weather of this degree is more often seen in the south and Midwest. The last time an enhanced risk for severe weather was issued was May 15, 2020.

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