This is not what the emergency line is for! A daughter reportedly called 911 after her parents shut off her cell phone. Did we mention this daughter is 36 years-old? What's next? Did they send her to bed ealry without dinner?

Huffington Post reports that the grown ass woman was arrested February 13 in Jackson Township, Ohio after she had called the regional emergency dispatch center and asked for police to come to her house. Or perhaps "demanding that police come to her house.." is more like it. This was serious business.

After her initial call, the woman called back two hours later and said her lack of a working phone was a police matter, according to Huffington. The Smoking Gun reports that the woman was "belligerent" to the point police arrested her on charges of disrupting public services.

The woman was released after posting a  $2,500 bond, according to WEWS TV. There is no indication who's phone she used to call 911 with considering her parents shut off her cell phone.

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