If you’re a fan of the Food Network, chances are that you’ve heard of the show Restaurant Impossible. I’m a huge fan of the network and I’ve seen the show many times. A few times, the show has come to the Hudson Valley. They were at Joe Willy’s Seafood in Wappingers Falls and they also visited the Chianti Cow in Orange County. And on a new episode just the other night, Restaurant Impossible returned to the Chianti Cow a year and a half after their first visit.

Restaurant Impossible in the Hudson Valley

Anytime I hear that a national show is going to be in the Hudson Valley my ears perk up. Having grown up in Orange County, I was excited to see that Restaurant Impossible was going to be at the Chianti Cow in Port Jervis. For some reason, I didn’t catch the original episode, but they recapped it during the revisit episode the other night.

First of all, the host Robert Irvine has really softened over the years, which is a good thing. When he originally came to the restaurant in 2019, they were in debt and unhappy. Over the course of just a few days, the restaurant was reinvented, the owner’s spark was reignited, and it looked like a happy ending was in store.

So, was it a happy ending?

I’m glad to say that it seems so. Even through a global pandemic, the folks at the Chianti Cow and the community surrounding them made it work. They did a bang-up take-out business during Covid, and in just a year and a half, they were able to erase a $500,000 debt. That sounds pretty happy to me.

The menu these days at the Chianti Cow looks delicious. Want to check it out for yourself? They are located at 1483 US-6 in Port Jervis in Western Orange County. Want to check out the episode of Restaurant Impossible. It’s season 19 episode 0. Yes, that’s what it says, episode 0. Anyway, if you’re from the area, I think you’ll enjoy it.

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