Leaves were at their peak colors this weekend, but don't worry if you missed it. One of the most spectacular views of Autumn in the Hudson Valley was captured by a drone.

Scott Snell from XFactor Aerial shared another one of his incredible videos with us. This two minute video was taken by one of his professional drones equipped with an HD camera. Sweeping views of the Hudson Valley can be seen from this unique perspective, made only more breathtaking by the oranges, golds and red leaves of Fall.

We spoke with Scott Snell from XFactor Aerial back in May about the future of drone technology, and he believes there are many other useful applications that we have yet to see, besides taking some spectacular footage. Although he remains skeptical about using airborne drones to deliver products to your home, Snell thinks private businesses may turn to drone deliveries within their own companies as a cost-effective way to move items between different offices or locations.

In the video below you can hear more from our interview with Scott and see some amazing drone footage taken right here at the WPDH studios.