XFactor Aerial shot some eye-popping footage from high above the WPDH studios using a super high-definition camera mounted on a professional drone.

Check out the video for an eagle-eyed view of WPDH from the sky. You'll also hear from Scott Snell, one of the owners of XFactor Aerial, based in Beacon. The drone he uses cost around five-thousand dollars and is used primarily for commercial applications.

We spoke with Scott about the future of drone technology, and he believes there are many useful applications that we have yet to see, although he remains skeptical about using it to deliver products to your home. Snell believes that companies like Amazon will have a tough time keeping track of drone deliveries. Scott can't imagine how the service could be implemented in a practical way. Instead, he thinks private businesses may turn to drone deliveries within their own companies as a cost-effective way to move items between different offices or locations.

As far as we're concerned, just taking awesome videos like these is a good enough reason jumping on the drone bandwagon. Here are some other local shoots courtesy of XFactor Aerial.

Hudson Valley Balloon Fest

Mid Hudson Bridge at Night

You've never seen our landmark bridge or City of Poughkeepsie like this before! Enjoy this evening aerial perspective on a picture perfect night. The footage was taken from a few test flights before traveling down south for a gig.

Posted by XFactor Aerial on Friday, May 1, 2015