You might want to double check that bottle of gin you just bought. Some of them may not be gin at all, and are actually filled with hand sanitizer. How did this happen?

The Daily Mail reports that the Australian company Apollo Bay Distillery unknowingly sold nine bottles of SS Casino Dry Gin between 5 P.M. on Friday and 7.30 P.M. The Daily Mail says that these particular bottles were sold from the Great Ocean Road Brewhouse in Victoria. And while they're labeled as Casino Dry Gin, they're actually hand sanitizer. The Great Ocean Road Brewhouse said the bottles were incorrectly labeled and had no seal..

Doesn't sound like much, but this will cost the distillery some hours with the cleanup.  While there wee only nine bottles sold, all bottles of SS Casino Dry Gin will have to recalled.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent shortage of hand sanitizer, many distilleries around the world have pitched by making their own homemade sanitizer with their own alcohol.

The FDA reminds everyone not to drink or inhale disinfectants.

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